Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What you need to tree...

A 70cm tall piece of 75mm diameter PVC piping (I paid $7 for a metre at Bunnings and chopped it down)
A lot of double corrugated cardboard, specifically:
  • 24 pieces measuring 15cm along the corrugations and 29cm across them for the branches/drink holding tubes (it will save you time if you can do them in twelve pieces 30cm along and 29cm across pieces)
  • Strips measuring 9cm along the corrugations (at least three pieces each of 80cm and 40cm, and six of 60cm, but they can be stuck together from little bits)
  • Strips measuring 4cm along the corrugations (at least three pieces each of 40cm, and six of 60cm, but they can be stuck together from little bits)
In either double corrugated or single corrugated:
  • Strips measuring 13cm and 9cm along the corrugations (enough to fill in the layers, but you can cheat and leave gaps)
A couple of bits of thin card to neaten the visible edges, for the bottom, and for the top holder.
Lots and lots of sticky tape, in a decent brand (not the cheap shit) in one of the medium widths (I think they're 18mm and 23mm). More than that, probably. Seriously, buy another roll, just in case. It's not like you wont need it later if you don't use it all now, and it will stop you needing to go back for more. Also make sure you have a good dispenser, one that's nice and heavy and sharp enough that you can tear a long piece one handed. I had to buy three to get one I liked.
A cutting mat.
A ruler (a big flat quilting one is recommended, to reduce the chance of injury*)
A craft knife/scalpel/box cutter/whatever blade you feel most comfortable cutting cardboard with. I highly recommend a Victorinox serrated tomato knife for the straight lines.
A thin tipped permanent marker.

An empty can for measuring references.
Whatever you want to decorate the tree with (Crepe paper, cellophane, tinsel, a can of spray paint, whatever)
10+ hours of your life.

*I didn't cut myself with a knife at any point through making these but I did get lots of paper cuts. Note that I said "while making these" - I have cut off a fingertip while quilting.

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