Sunday, December 6, 2015

December 6th: Absolut Botanik Berry Apple

December 6th: Absolut Botanik Berry Apple, 330ml, 5.7%, 1.5 standard drinks.

Price: $5.49

Why I picked it: I wanted a vodka, but didn't have enough Thursdays to throw back on to have a Cruiser, and this looked interesting. 


More stuff:
While this tasted nice, I retain a deep deep distrust of anything that refers to itself as "lightly sparkling" - just make it bubbly, so I don't get indigestion. Flavour wise, it is very fruity; it tastes like a Sommersby pear cider would if you were eating fruity mentos at the same time.

I like it, taste wise, but don't like the fact that it isn't bubbly. If it was cheaper, I'd consider getting it and giving it a whiz through the soda stream machine to see if that helped. Instead, I think in future I'll just drink Sommersby, while eating mentos.

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