Friday, December 4, 2015

Day Four: Miller Chill

December 4th: Miller Chill, 330ml, 4%, 1 standard drink.
Price: $3.99
Why I picked it: So that I could snapchat everybody "netflix and chill" jokes. I'm not ashamed to admit it.
Colour: Pantone P 10-6 U
More stuff: This drink is weird. Seriously. It is apparently made with "Real Lime" and for the first sip I thought, "ugh, it's like corona. I hate corona" but actually, it doesn't taste as bad as that going down. Firstly, when you take little sips of it (which I have to do from a glass bottle, since swigging it leads to it going flat and flat drinks leads to indigestion) it tastes like beer for a tiny second, then it tastes of lime, and then it tastes vaguely like you ate some lime flavoured lollies 3 hours ago. It was the fastest I'd ever had a taste leave my mouth.
Then, in an effort to preemptively burp out the indigestion, I got the blowback. Apparently, (according to Oz and James Drink to Britain, my go-to source of all beer facts*) the place you get the best idea of the taste of beer is in the burp. Therefore, I do not like this beer. This burp tasted horrible, and I am a lover of burps, because they give me life, while I cry in my car that I am dying while eating an entire packet of quick-eze.
This would be a huge shame but actually, I don't have netflix either.
*Except the few gleaned from people at work, in between the insanity of pre-christmas sales. Shout-out to Kyle and Tom in particular.

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