Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 8th: The Constable Copper Ale

December 8th: The Constable Copper Ale, 345ml, 3.4%, 0.9 standard drinks.
Price: $4.09
Why I picked it: Kinda wanted to know that a "copper ale" was.
Colour: Pantone 7571 C
More stuff: On Saturday night, with my airconditioning unit chucking a hissy fit in the 35 degree heat and the day off on Sunday, I figured it was a good time to drink through all the beers that I had accumulated that hadn't made it into the tree, one of which was the Nine Tales Amber Ale in the same range as this beer. My notes for the night (I was getting quite boozy by this point) read: I like this one, not in an "omg this is my new drink of choice" way but defs in a "this is what I wanted from that last one" way. It's bitter like I want it to be but not like it's trying too hard, like, sure, we're trying, but it's almost effortless."
Drunk me likes to quote Gina from Brooklyn Nine Nine.
I'm giving this context so I can say this about the copper ale: it is trying too hard. Maybe I'm just missing out because most of the stuff they've written about on the side of the bottle is talking about the "nose" of the beer, and that all that stuff is needed to make the bitterness more interesting. Instead, drinking this beer feels like when you're chatting with the douchey pseudo-intellectual hipster who's (possibly unconsciously) doing their darndest to exclude you. It is, I suppose, exactly what I would fear craft beer to be, going into it.
But they're right about the lingering bitterness.

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