Thursday, December 3, 2015

December 3rd: Cruiser Mudshake

December 3rd: Cruiser Mudshake (Original Cowboy), 270ml, 4%, 0.9 standard drinks.
Price: $4.49
Why I picked it: I mentioned on day one that there were a few throwback drinks in there. This is one of them, though I'm pretty sure that back in the day they weren't secretly cruisers, but I could be wrong.
Colour: Pantone 4675 C
More stuff: I forgot how good these actually taste. I mean, milky drinks aren't good for a big sesh or a hot day, and they remain very much the twelvie version of Baileys, which is the soft old lady drink of choice* so they're not great for your drinking cred. But with a box of TeeVee Snacks (the original dark chocolate ones, obviously) and some Netflix Original Series, they go down a damn treat.
But I also have a story to tell with this particular drink, because I need to slybrag about what a good I did for my best friend's 24th. Since she grew up in a super religious household, she never got to twelvie, so for her 24th, when I surprised her by taking her to Ballarat so we could stay at Kryal Castle and watch jousting and do archery, I also got her two of them, because at 24 she was a twice twelvie.
I'm super exited now for our 36th, when, by that reasoning, we'll get to drink three.
*frankly though, soft old ladies are few and far between. Most of them drink port or something else fortified as strongly as they are, and say things like "there's no point if you can't taste it" and "would you like a glass of fruity lexia with breakfast" and "it's so boring here in the hospital, Sara, and they don't give you any alcohol. Can you go and get me a bottle of something?" while vehemently denying they even drink very much at all and refusing to put the alcohol on the back seat lest someone see them (Hi Nan!)

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