Sunday, December 6, 2015

December 5th: Mildura Honey Wheat

December 5th: Mildura Honey Wheat, 330ml, 4.5%, 1.1 standard drinks.

Price: $3.99

Why I picked it: I like Mildura, and I like sweet things.

Colour: Pantone 1345 C

More stuff: This beer is like the opposite of last night's - the beer itself I didn't love* but it gave me my best tasting burp so far. From the fact that it just says "Honey" on it in big letters I was expecting it be be a lot sweeter or more syrupy than it was but really it just tastes like a fairly boring not very bitter beer. There wasn't much of an aftertaste until I neared the bottom and it was getting warm (thanks to the mid 30s heat and the fact that my aircond has decided to die) but it still certainly wasn't bad, just, well, beery. Boringly so. I'd almost rather that I'd hated it, because then I'd have gotten to work out why. Instead I'm left thinking of all the other drinks that I didn't buy, that I look at at work every night and think "ooh that looks interesting" but probably won't bother with, because paying $4 a pop for all the individual bottles isn't a very economic way of buying drinks, and it feels a bit daft if you're doing it for no reason. This though feels like a missed opportunity. 

* "I didn't love it" is the ultimate form of me damming something with faint praise. Loosely translated, it means "I was actually super keen for this, but it ended up just being okay." 

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